Monday, September 10, 2012

Falling Apart.

Today I looked at my count down and saw this:

Whaaaat. That's a month and a half. Less than that.

These past few weeks have been hard... As many of you may know, I have lived in the house I live in now since I was 2. So as I am preparing to leave, I am literally leaving everything I have ever known. As I am preparing myself for all of this, the devil is attacking me in every possible way. The biggest way being that he is trying to make me feel alone so that when I leave in 42 days I feel like I have no one. The funny thing is, I know that it's a lie. I know that I have family and friends who are going to support me and love me and pray with me through these next months. But that isn't stopping him from attacking me. My closest friend and I haven't talked in over two weeks, when we normally talk every day. Another close relationship I used to have has completely fallen apart, and we see each other every day and walk by each other without saying a word. I feel hatred towards some of my closest friends that don't deserve it. A bunch of these relationships are falling apart, and I feel lonely. Besides dealing with loneliness so much more is going on as well. Past issues are coming up, trust issues, stupid drama.. All of which I want nothing to deal with.. I am falling apart.
So today as I am preparing to leave behind everything I know, I am going to leave behind all these stupid little things the devil is trying to get me down with.

So today, I'm going to close with one thing..