Basically, Emma

Hi there.
I'm Emma. 
I'm just your average girl.

I am currently the third of six children. We are an adoptive family. Adopted the youngest two in April of 2011. And 3 more are coming in the next few months, which will make me the third of nine children! I am proud to say my parents are still together. 

I graduated Horizon Charter School. 
Class of 2012, baby!

Unlike most high school graduates, I chose the 'missionary' path, and left for Ethiopia. I came back 3 months later, completely life changed!

I have since had 5 jobs, and am currently balancing 2 jobs and a boyfriend!
Yup. I said it. A boyfriend. We have been together for a year and a half and have been through hell and back.

This blog isn't necessarily for people. It's just for me. But if someone happens to read through it, I don't really care.

Until something major changes... 

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