Monday, January 30, 2012

Daniel Fast; Day 3

I've come to a conclusion.
I suck at keeping up with a blog.
Well, at least posting daily.
That's just not gonna happen.
Every few days hopefully.

Anyways, This Daniel Fast has been a complete roller coaster. Day 3, I just wanted to break down and cry. I ended up going shopping with my mom and we bought a bunch of food that I could eat, but in the end of the day, because of all that I wasn't eating and with being sick, I was just getting weaker and weaker. I went home that night, took a nap, and slept through the beginning og church, causing me not to go, which was fine, because I was again sick to my stomach.

I asked you guys to pray for your schools for Day 3. 

Have you ever really looked into the people at your school? Not just seeing the outward way people portray themselves, but have you looked in past what they are willing to share? You can't always see what is wrong. But at school on Thursday, knowing I was praying for the school that day, I looked at people more closely than normal. 

People look LOST.

They all need Jesus. I'm so thankful to be surrounded by Christian friends at school. I have the guys. They are the best. I know for a fact, that I am so lucky when it comes to school, to a) not be surrounded by people who are bad influences. and b) not be surrounded by perverted guys. 

So my prayer for the school Thursday (and every day since then) was that God would use me as a light, and as an intercessor for my school. I want to be known as "the religious kid" or the "Jesus freak". I know because of my past I have a foot in with a bunch of people. I'm not saying I'm popular, because now I'm not. I'm saying I was. I still have those friends, we just don't talk as much. I could easily get in and talk to different people about Christ, but I don't. I want to though! I want to have the guts to step forward and say something to people. 

After Jesus came back to life, he told us to 
"Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to all creation."
(Mark 16:15)

Are we doing this? 


Not much to say after that.. 

See you soon!

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