Monday, January 30, 2012

Daniel Fast; Day 4ish..

This is the second of three (or maybe four) posts today! 
I am never getting behind again!

Day 4 of the fast was absolutely horrible.
I was just not recovering from being sick.
I was weak and tired.
Because of being sick, and not getting all the normal nutrients I needed to get better, I had to change my fast. 
I am no longer doing the Daniel Fast.
I admit it. I am a failure.
But being as weak as I was, I couldn't go on.

I know this was just a plan devised by the devil straight from the pits of hell. 
But what the devil doesn't know, is that fasting is more than just food. 
It's the praying that goes on as well.
He is not going to get the best of me.
I will continue praying.

I didn't post it, but Friday's challenge was to pray for any youth groups you attend.
I attend two different youth groups. 

The Rock 

Redeemer Christian Church

One youth group is not better than the other. 

Both of these youth groups have amazing leaders, and amazing students. 
One youth group is small.
One youth group is big. 
One youth group you get preached at. 
One youth group it's more of a discussion. 
But they both love Jesus. 

And I think that the fact that everyone I am surrounding myself with loves Jesus, is more important than how many people there are, or how they teach. I love the different characteristics of both my youth groups. It's what keeps me coming back to both. 

I pray God will let both youth groups grow more in him, and that we will be used to show love to more than just each other. I pray daily for closer relationships with each other. I pray for more outreach opportunities. And I pray that as a group of believers, we will all be able to be more and more like Christ Jesus with every waking moment.

Until next time..

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