Monday, February 13, 2012

Fast Day 23

Monday, February 5

I want to be an overseas missionary. 

But until I can be, I will support missionaries with prayer, and be a light here in my hometown. 

There are two oversea missionary families I pray for all the time. 

Both are stationed in Ethiopia, (where the twins are from!) 
Both are working to help with the long term problem of orphans and widows, (where my heart is!)

These families have given up everything they had here. They uprooted their lives. Sold everything they owned ad moved half way across the globe. 

These two families all have the biggest hears of anyone I have ever met. 
Their hearts are fully open to hearing the voice of God.
I respect these families and look up to them. 

Lord, I pray you will bless these families beyond what they could imagine. I pray they will get everything they need. I pray finances will come in above and beyond expected. I pray that as a family you will bless them with a closer family relationship. I thank you for their willingness to do anything you ask them to do. I pray that from following blog posts, and facebook, you will open the eyes of people reading to see the truth in Your word. Thank you Lord for putting people like them on this earth. This would be a crazy place without them. 

God bless. 

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