Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fast Day 30

Sunday; February 12 

Today was a friend's 18th birthday. 

Along with his sister and mom, we put on a surprise party for him. 

It actually worked out super well. 

I am beyond thankful for friends. 
Seeing all the people that came to support my friend, it made me grateful for all of my friends. 

I got to relax a little bit during the party. 
I got to talk to my friends, and we took lots of pictures, and I just had a blast. 
We played the piano and sang songs. 
For a while we sat around and worshipped. Worshipping with friends is the absolute best. 

Thank you God for good friends. I thank you for your love. I thank you for the freedom to worship you. I pray you will continue to let these friendships grow. And I pray that everyone in our youth group will grow a stronger relationship with you. Open peoples eyes in this week before winter camp. Prepare our hearts Lord, for radical change this weekend. Prepare us for a crazy encounter with the Holy Spirit! 

We miss you Jesus, and we want you to return! 


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