Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fast Day 32

Tuesday; February 14 

Today's prayer challenge was to pray for the two girls I'm fasting with. 

Allison and Kait. 

I haven't known Allison that long, less than a year. She's three years younger than me. But that dosen't matter. It definitely gets hard at times. I want someone who's been through what I have, or something close to what I have, but her being a freshmen in high school, it gets tough. But everything works together for our good. Our friendship is great. She's always there, for any little thing I need. She brings me yummy food on Fridays, and what girl doesn't love food. ;) I love the girl to death. 

Lord, I thank you for Allison. I thank you for our friendship. I pray for our friendship. I pray it won't fail like a lot of friendships have. I pray it will blossom, and only continue to get better. I pray anything we have between each other will be solved, and we can start fresh. 
I pray you show her your heart. Show her that who she is is exactly who you want her to be. Show her the love you have for her. Lord I ask that you begin to show Allison her true identity. Erase the false identity the world has put on her, and show her the identity YOU have for her. Protect her heart from the lies of this world. Use her Jesus in ways that promote your Kingdom. 

I met Kait 3 and a half years ago. We were instant friends, after we got over the new girl/drama queen boy surprise. ;) We grew into the best of friends. We have had SO many fights. It's ridiculous. But neither of us can stay mad for more than a few days at the most. She has always been there for me! Through thick and thin. We don't hang out often, but when we do, we have the absolute best of times! We seriously go through about the same problems at the same times through life.. Family problems, guy problems.. We've both been through about the same stuff. It's pretty crazy! I can talk to her about anything and know that my secrets are safe with her. We are basically the same person split into two bodies. She's the best you could ask for. I love her oh so much! :)

Father God, I thank you for the friend you have given me in Kait. I thank you for our friendship. I thank you that we have a 3 year strong friendship. I pray that our friendship won't end, and that it will only get better! 
I pray for Kait, as she is going into a new stage in life. I pray you will bless her college years. I pray for favor for getting into classes. I pray that through everything she will not lose sight in you! Lord, I thank you for the amazing heart for you she has. I pray you will show her your love more and more! Use her Jesus in ways that promote your Kingdom. 

(Classic Kait, Allison, and Emma..
Cheesy. Gorgeous. Not paying Attention.
They sure know how to make me look great. -_-)

Thank you Jesus for putting these girls in my life! 

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  1. This made my day. I am not cheesy... okay... maybe a little bit,,. I LOVE YOU.