Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fast Day 31

Monday; February 13


Look into the eyes of the people of the world. 
Look deep into their eyes. 
What do you see? 

A lot of the time people on the outside seem all bubbly and happy! But you look a little farther, and get to know some people, and you see depression, sadness, and fear. People have gotten really good at hiding their feelings. People put on masks and pretend to be perfectly happy when they aren't. It makes me really sad just seeing it all. 

Lord I pray you will bless everyone who has sadness in their hearts for any reason. I pray people dealing with a death of a family member, or close friend, will be find that filling that hole in their heart with You is the only way to go about things. I pray for the heartbroken. I pray for those who just had an abortion. I pray everyone with any sadness in their hearts would just be delivered from the sadness, and filled with joy and happiness. I ask that the Holy Spirit fills these people from the inside out. Lord visit them. And help them to be truly happy. 

We know you can do all. 

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