Monday, February 6, 2012

Fast Day 16.

This is from last Sunday..Dang. I'm way behind. 

Extended Family 

I have the biggest extended family. 
On just my moms side, there are 16 cousins, 7 aunts/uncles, and the grandparents. That is just the immediate extended family. 

 (missing three cousins! Alex, Molly, and Sydni!)

 We are a very silly family. 

I would have to say out of all of them, I am closest to Stacy or Emily. 

I spent a month last summer in Santa Barbara going between their houses. It was an absolute blast! 
I went to the movies and had Disney movie marathons with Emily.
I spent a little more time with Stacy. We hung out with her friends, and went to the drive ins, and had all-nighters with Pam and Alyssa (two friends I had known previously!)
It had to have been a highlight of my summer. Two of my favorite cousins. SPending a whole bunch of time with them. I loved every moment of it. :)

Dad's side of the family is completely different. 
Us 6 kids are the only grandchildren. I have no cousins on his side. 
My dad's brother's are twins. 
I have one Aunt, (married into the family.) 
I don't have a granddad. (He passed away before I was born.)

So compared to my moms side, this side of my family is a lot smaller. 
BUT. I see them a whole lot more. 
My dad has a huge extended family. And we see them about the same if not more than my mom's family. 
(Not that we love either side more, were just a lot closer to Dad's side!)

Uncle Don has always been in a wheelchair. 
We pray for him all the time. He believes he will be healed one day. He carries a pair of converse on the back of his chair for the day when God heals him so he can put them on and walk! We all are believing for him, and will continue praying until our prayers are answered. 
Uncle Wayne has been sick for years. 
I still don't know what exactly is going on. It's a lot to take in. I don't remember him not being sick really.. It's been so long. He is on dialysis 3-4 times a week. He has had more surgeries than anyone should ever have. He has the best attitude about it all though. He jokes about not having all his fingers, and almost always has a smile on his face. He is an inspiration to all of us! We will continue to pray for him until something happens!

Now you know just a little more about my family.

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